Are your employees travelling for business? They need a Business Visa.

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Who needs a business visa?

If your employees travel for business outside the EU, they need a Business Visa.

Using tourist visas for work trips is illegal and can result in fines for your company and deportation of your employee.

A Business Visa is needed for any work related trips outside the EU. These may include conferences, training or meetings. 

ReloCare can get your company the right Business Visa hassle-free and efficiently. We are an immigration agency with over 15 years of experience obtaining a wide range of visas. We are here to save you time, money and worries.

Why ReloCare?

Choose ReloCare as your Business Visa solution and enjoy the benefits of our expertise:

Time Efficient

We respond within 24 hours and avoid delays thanks to our expertise and attention to detail, ensuring your employees have their visa in time for their next trip.

Cost Effective

Our 15+ years of experience and insider knowledge eliminate unnecessary steps, saving your HR budget.

Stress Free

Leave Business Visa applications to us and free up time in your schedule while we handle the process.

Our Visa process

What clients say

Relocare's services are top notch. I had the chance to have them supporting me in a different range of needs from visa to Saudi Arabia to update of residence permit. Professional, fast, proactive and kind personnel. Can only recommend.
Alessandro Motta
The service and assitance was clear, with proper clarification of alternatives and required documentation.
Andres Reinosa
Totally recommend! Super satisfied with their assistance. ReloCare took the whole process with ease and efficiency. Keep up delivering this great service!
Martin Ferrero

Business Trip Visa vs. Work Visa

Business Trip Visa/Business Visitor Visa: Issued for short-term business-related activities such as meetings, conferences and contract negotiations. It has limitations on duration and allows productive work or receiving payment from a local employer. i.e. attending business meetings, conferences, trade fairs, or negotiating contracts.

Work Visa/Work permit/Employment visa: Required for legal employment in a foreign country. It allows individuals to work, earn income, and potentially receive benefits. Work visas have longer durations and additional requirements like employer sponsorship and compliance with labor laws.
You may need a Work Visa for employment contracts, job placements, or assignments with a local employer.


The specific requirements, limitations, and benefits associated with each type of visa vary depending on the country of issue and its immigration laws. It’s important to consult the embassy or consulate of the destination country to obtain accurate and up-to-date information regarding visa requirements and application processes.

About Us

ReloCare is an immigration and relocation agency in Prague providing international business visa services for companies.

Dana Pick founded ReloCare in 2008 after struggling with relocation to the Czech Republic. Her passion for helping people quickly established ReloCare as one of the leading immigration and relocation companies in the Czech Republic. Today, ReloCare is an experienced company that believes in delivering high-quality service by taking care of its clients with attention to detail and transparent communication.

ReloCare provides end-to-end B2B solutions for obtaining business visas. We can help you navigate the complexities of business visa approvals and understand how these processes vary across countries, according to your nationality and permits.

We are a proud member of EuRA.

ReloCare is a member of EuRA.

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