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Flag of Canada

Visa Obtaining Process

  • Visa submissions: Daily 9:00–17:30 / eTA – Online
  • Visa collections: Daily 14:30–17:30 
  • Visa length: Up to 10 years (applicant can stay for up to 6 months per one stay)
  • Process: 3–6 weeks
  • Presence of the applicant required: Yes, when capturing the photo and fingerprints of the applicant
  • Nations differences: Certain nations may enter based on eTA, other nations based on Visa

When to apply

Recommended to start the visa process at least 2 months before the departure.

Type of Visa

  • Multi entrance

Form of issued visa: Visa sticker or electronic travel authorization


  • CAD$7 for ETA
  • CAD$100 for Visa
  • CAD$85 an additional fee if you are asked to give your biometrics information
  • CAD$45 for the passport processing if your visa is approved

Process Steps

  • Collection of documents
  • Submitting the business visa application online
  • Applicant has to visit the Canadian Visa Center  in Vienna for capturing photo and fingerprints
  • Following up on the application process
  • Sending the passport to Vienna for stamping
  • Collecting the passport with issued visa from the Canadian Visa Center in Vienna
  • Returning the passport to the applicant

Country Information

  • Capital City: Ottawa
  • Currency: Canadian dollar
  • Official Language: English, French

Embassy Address

  • Canada Visa Application Centre,
    VF Services Limited Austrian Branch
  • Fernkorngasse 10, 2nd Floor (Stiege 1)
    Office Top N/203, 1100 Vienna, Austria
  • E-mail:
  • Phone: + 49 89 2154 0176
  • Website:
Visa Difficulty

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